As a 15 years experience swivel snap hook wholesaler ,We supply vast array of hooks to meet customers requirements. Oudi Hardware is catering to be major markets of USA,U.K,Germany ,France,Italy ,Russia and more and more big brands .

Product Description :

Swivel snap hook also known as spring hooks/carabiner hooks-they are hooks with a spring snap in their ends which can attached to the rope, strap, or bag belts. Snap hooks are very common but essential component in a huge range of applications, from bag straps ,belts ,dog leashes and so on .

Environmental :

We used high density zinc alloy material for our snap hooks ,they can be painting /electroplating with various surface . Nickle Free/ Lead Free and eco-friendly standard.Being a qualified snap hook manufacturer.


We have professional design team can provide accurate 3D drawing and custom snap hook serivce , can engrave /laser clients' brand name on the products, help to build up your brand.

Prompt delivery :

Fast and on time shipment .
7-10days molding time and sampling .
15-20 days bulk order time .

Product Category

Trigger Snap Hooks

  • Trigger snap hook are considered a specialized type of snap hook with a scissor shape opening .
  • Its is sturdy and durable design so can be clasped tightly , will not open accidentally.
  • High strength and high resistant to corrosion, can be plated with glaze which is long lasting for colors.
  • Available size : 13/15/20/25mm and any customized size
  • Super Pull Force :basic on the official breaking load test , for 13mm eye model breaking load 100.60KGS, while the 15mm model can be 250KGS
  • Trigger snap hooks are used for handbags and purses, and fashional dog leash/dog collars .
  • MOQ: 500pcs

Heavy Duty Snap hook

  • Carabiner snap hook for dog leashes .
  • 15/20/25mm size alternative
  • They comes with lock model and without lock model , constructed for strength and durability .
  • Symbol and Brand Name to show on hooks ,promote your brand.
  • With swivel eye turn round 360° allows the webbing rotates easily

Keychain hook

  • Lobster Clasp for Keys, Lanyards ,keychains and wallet
  • Flat top panel for logo
  • 5 hooks in a set

Account management

*Light weight but portable, easily applicated on a keychain ,bag belts and purse straps and any handmade items .

*Multi-color and size selection,you can plate different colors evenly on it and match all kinds of leather of webbing

*Competitive price for small items.


The traditional clip on most leashes will on occasion allow the collar ring to slip right through and your dog escape . This new design swivel carabiner clip ensures the occasional escape will not happen any more.You can tighten the lock part then it will fix on your dog collars all the time . Another feature that people like this carabiner is the thick material with sturdy pull force .Guarantee your furry friends to be comfortable and secure when walking outside .


Multi-purpose Swivel Hook For Handbag And Purse

  • Variable swivel eye, 20/25/32/38/50mm size
  • Elegant square ring for belts
  • Can Attached to D rings or Buckles as one full set
  • Custom bolt snap hook are welcomed.
  • Fashional oval bottom eye allows multi size bag straps

  • Open and close smoothly

  • Push Gate with Strong resilience force

  • Unisex Design , can used on lady purse or men -kind design
  • Securely snaps ensure your strap won't fall out

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