As a metal label manufacturer, we can custom metal label. Create a beautiful metal logo tag for your brand, can move your business one step forward. Style and size as you wish, do not stick to existing design, to achieve a truly unique label metal logo plates.

  • The custom metal logo tags is made of zinc alloy, Solid and durable, never rust, fit for handbag/purse/suitcase/
    shoes/clothes/sofa and so on.
  • We have more than 50 colors for you to choose.
  • We can produce custom metal tags of all shapes and sizes, and there is virtually no limit to what we can do, not only can customize flat metal logo plates , but also can customize stereo metal Logo plates.
  • Client only need to provide your logo with ai Format and the detail you need, we have professional design team to creat the 3D drawing for you to confirm the detail.

Product Category

Hollowed-out logo tag

-Concise way to show your logo

-Custom metal logo tags for handbags, client will see your logo in the first time

-Combined with the fabric, will highlight the contours of the shadow and lines.

-With clip in the back, easier to install the logo tag in the bag.

Half hollowed-out logo tag

-Combine with engraved logo and hollowed-out logo, can show your logo and slogen together.

-Fit for picture logo.

-It can be echoed with the bottom fabric to present a different effect.

-With clip in the back, easier to install the logo tag in the bag.

Half hollowed-out logo tag can use for zipper puller also

Engraved logo tag

-It’s the most widely used form for metal tag.

-Superior Metallic, with strong visual texture.

-You can play with your imagination on this logo plate, suit for all kind of logo.

-Can choose clip or pillars in the back.

Engraved logo can use for snap botton and rivet also.

Three-dimensionallogo tag

-Vivid and vigorous to display your logo.

-Can custom different shape of animal, make the design more interesting.

--With clip in the back, easier to install the logo tag in the bag.


According to different designs, Three-dimensional logo tag can be decorated with diamonds and gems to make the label more splendours and splendid which can increase brand recognition and makes an impression.


Multi-purpose Swivel Hook For Handbag And Purse

Engraved logo tag with sewing hole

-Engraved logo tag with sewing hole, is fit for cloth.

-Can sew the logo tag by hand

-Can connect with small ring, hang it on your bag or pet collar

Logo tag with resin

Logo tag with resin

-Resin finishing make the logo plate more charming.

-Smooth surface, has character.

-With clip in the back, easier to install the logo tag in the bag.

-Logo tag with resin can used for button/zipper puller and so on.

Normal laser logo and Deep laser logo

-Laser logo is the most easy way to custom logo.

-Can custom logo in almost all metal hardware, without mould fee.

-Custom normal laser logo fee is cheap, almost any logo can be customized.

-Deep laser logo’s effect is similar to engrave logo, but only thin line logos can be customized.


Factory strength


Let’s enhance your product by adding a custom designed logo plate!



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